Amazon Chime


Amazon Chime,Amazon Chimerateam, Amazon Chimera, amazon chimerarevo extension
Instant messaging and video chat program

Amazon Chime, making meetings more effective and easier that converts a secure, real-time Unified Communications Service. Service, Easy to use and high quality audio and video is synchronized on all your devices through an application that provides a Image. Visual meetings start on time with Amazon and chime in with a list, make it easier to manage meetings. Chime Amazon, Amazon Web service Cloud to manage complex infrastructure on which BT’s running in a secure way is an obstacle, a fully managed service.

Amazon Chime, is designed to help you organize productive online meetings from your mobile device or from your desktop.

Online meetings
Video conferences
Chat rooms
Status notifications
Drag-and-drop file sharing
Directory Integration
AES 256-bit encryption algorithm
Easy management