anonymous, smart online security add-on. Designed for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Allows users to surf the web without having to give too much information about themselves with just a single click and works. There are too many people that worry about their privacy online very much and this is an excellent application, the application for these people.
anonymoX plugin when you activate that you will use an IP while surfing the Internet you will be prompted to make a choice. You will be able to delete cookies and your IP online. Unlike other programs that lower your speed pretty proxy browser, anonymous browser will increase your speed, and ‘hidden’ allows you to use the internet in a better manner.
Downloading and are easy to install, also in America, Europe imported from Asia or from an IP list to select the station. The application will also remind you about deleting all your cookies when you decide to shut down an Internet site it does. The interface is limited to a few options, since you may not find the program flexible, but at the same time thanks to a lack of options, you can utilize effortlessly all the benefits of the program.
Hence, if protected browsing experience if you want your application to use anonymous try.

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