CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has expanded its product range with a new and powerful Windows-based version as well as brand new graphic design software for the next macOS. As well as being rewritten at the beginning of each platform, the new was included in these two product packages for practical use and content preparation while mobile. Now they have a real design competitor that is growing, creatively developed, and has precise pixels on their preferred platform.

Graphic designers now have access to a world-class vector graphics software with professional photo editing and unique output capabilities. John Falsetto, CorelDRAW product manager: “CorelDRAW is renowned as a leading graphic design package focused on ease of use, with professional results and outputs. When it comes to unique projects every time, designers deserve a real choice.” “With 30 years of graphic excellence, our CorelDRAW® team continues to add dramatic changes to the world of design software. With the brand new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Mac, we’ve consolidated our position as an exceptional software that meets the needs of modern users with diverse features, capabilities and platforms. “

What’s in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Windows?

The latest CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite has exciting new features that offer more precision and free creativity.

NEW! Objects Texture: Fully refurbished Objects Texture provides direct control of quick access to document structure.
NEW! Non-Distorting Effects: Experience apply, modify, vector and bitmap effects without changing the image or source object in CorelDRAW.
NEW! Perfect Pixel Workflow: Ensure sharp web graphics every time. Set the pixel grid to the edge of the page and see that the graphics you submit have clean borders. Easily correct shapes with the new “Adjust to Pixel Grid” button.
NEW! Modern Patterns: Perform professionally using a wide range of professionally designed patterns presented in the “New from template” dialog.
DEVELOPED! Look, Feel and Reveal Performance: Take advantage of interface improvements for easier navigation, better fit and increased productivity. Enjoy great performance in start-up time, document uploads, typing and graphical inferences.

For a complete list of innovations:


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