Google Chrome now hiding WWW and HTTPS: //


Google Chrome has made a new change to version 76. Now when you log in to sites, the https: // and www urls in the address bar are hidden. Now when you log in to, you will only see in the Chrome address bar.

If you’d like to see the URLs fully after the last update, you can disable this feature using Chrome’s custom settings.


Disable the Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Trivial Subdomains feature by copying the link above to your address bar.

Google no longer considers these URLs to be very important. It doesn’t make much sense to display Https: // or Https: // URLs in your address bar because it reports site Secure ”or değil Not secure alı related to the site.

A statement by Google; “The Chrome team takes care of the simplicity, usability and security of UI surfaces. To make it easier to read and understand URLs and remove distractions from the proprietary domain, we will hide URL components that are irrelevant to most Chrome users. We plan to hide the “https em schema and exception subdomain“ www ’on Chrome omnibox and M76 on Android on the desktop.“

Let’s see if they will insist on this feature in future updates.