HideMyAss is a proprietary website that first developed a proxy site that previously served VPN software that would later provide users with a higher level of experience. HideMyAss is now available to support user support regarding VPN software even though its own development has been requested and helps to taste surfers about online privacy and security on the internet.

✓ Opera VPN features
✓ FREE: 100% FREE.
✓ Works 100%.
✓ Once the blood is shielded, the default can be active.
Secure: our secure SSL encryption makes you anonymous and secure.

How to Use HideMyAss

If you have completed the installation of HideMyAss, we can start using it now. Before you start using the program, you must right-click the icon of the program and click the Run as Administrator ”button to run it with high level of authority. Otherwise, you may encounter issues such as a VPN issue and the program not working properly.

 After HideMyAss is fully opened, you have to enter the “Dashboard” tab and fill in the “Username“ and “Passwords hemen in the middle. If you do not want to re-enter your account information each time, please fill in your information and check the “Remember my username and passwords altında option at the bottom of this section.