Free Image Editing Program
PhotoScape image editing software that should be present in the most basic tools, effects, and options is a free program that contains. You can easily see your pictures, you can do any editing to your photo manipulation you can do with this program.
Facebook profile pictures using Photoscape related topic in our forum if you want to prepare can help you:
Create Facebook profile photos with Photoscape
You can combine different images within a single image file with the program PhotoScape. The merging process illustrated lecture for our guide here:
How to merge photos with Photoscape?
If you want to process your images after you open them asking what happened to this is a simple and free editor with your photos in your own name logolayab can convert it into animated GIF, after making the necessary arrangements to be able to Print, Print, can make your photo different by coloring, resize, black/white balance, adjust the background light you can change the parts you want cut, have red eyes, you can filter your image with various effects.
PhotoScape editing you have the option of unlimited continues to develop every day. Professional software for home users, incorporating most of the basic properties strongly photoscape is sufficient.

Download softonic

filehippo download

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