Find the images using Google’s Picasa on your computer and you can enjoy your pictures within a few seconds. A free downloadable software that allows your pictures is always to remain regular. All the pictures on your PC Picasa find, edit and share is software that helps. You can start by using Picasa to transfer pictures from your camera to your computer. Now every time you open Picasa, the program all your pictures (even forget that your even is in your hand) it will automatically find and sort into albums organized by date with folder names you will easily recognize that Visual. Drag and drop to arrange your albums, and you can prepare labels to create new groups. Furthermore, Picasa’s one-click fixes and powerful effects at your fingertips to share your pictures with others and bringing advanced procedures correction makes transforming a child’s play; your pictures e-mail, print at home, gift CDs and even prepare the pictures you can hang it on your own blog.

Convenient and free with the fact that a remarkable visual editing software handy
Picasa with a Windows operating system on our computers that we can use as an editing tool and viewing an image stands out. Google’s simple and practical that carry our signature stored on the computer you can view images through a program we have, and with minor editing I think we can make them more interesting.

As is well known, it comes to mind first image and a photo-editing program Photoshop. Making a difference in this category which is dominated with the simplicity Photoshop Picasa is a program level that can be used by everyone. Uncomplicated design, interface and functional tools that it offers, referring users in an effective manner thanks to Picasa, a free image editing program but effective it manages to be among the first choice for anyone who is searching for.

Well what we can do with Picasa? First, we store the photos on our computer through the program under different folders from a single location to be able to manage and we’re going to have the chance to be able to view them. Frankly, despite the many alternatives in the category of photo imaging programs, Picasa leading the charge. Called Picasa Web Albums feature, you can easily edit our photos while you are both online and offline and we are able to manage them according to our expectations.

Among the most remarkable features of Picasa face recognition and geotagging features. Thanks to facial recognition technology, Picasa, it scans and detects our library under the roof of combines the common label of the same faces. Processing time is directly proportional with the amount of photos of course. The geotagging feature allows users to add location information to photographs gives the opportunity. To use this feature, which is integrated with Google Maps ‘Places’ button, open up Google Maps and it’s enough that we have to choose the appropriate location.

Windows default photo viewer in Picasa viewer a more elegant and functional, offering our pictures on this interface, we can touch often. Of course, these features are not as comprehensive as Photoshop, but simple in order to conduct transactions easily. The biggest advantage of this situation ensures that the vehicle be used by users of all levels. After a few Picasa features use become accustomed to all it has to offer, we come to situation and figured out what each one does.

Let’s look at Picasa’s other features it has to offer individually;

Top-level security: we don’t want to be seen by others, we are able to more safely store the photos by adding passwords to them.
Photo voting: our favorite photos that we can use to distinguish it from the others thanks to this feature, we are able to find them more easily next time.
Photo effects: filters are offered in Picasa visibly from each other, and all filters can be added to photos with just one click.
Photo editing tools: trim, crop, fix red eye, such as color settings, as a result, we are able to perform the process of a few clicks. Collage pictures in the same frame by taking advantage of the tools even able to meet some of us, we can create interesting collages.
Backup solutions: backup feature to avoid losing our photos would benefit from.
Creating a poster: can grow in size without destroying the quality of the pictures and print them to poster size, we are able to bring our expectations.
Advanced web integration: instantly publish personal photos on our blog we like it, or we are able to embed to our website.
In general, a successful photo-editing and viewing programs, which we can summarize as Picasa is among the best of what you can find for free. Moreover, without having any knowledge in Picasa, you can easily use more.