Viber download and send messages to your friends and communicate with them.
Viber your smartphones and tablets with Android operating system you can send free messages and make HD quality video calls with your loved ones through with advanced features that is attracting attention as a messaging application you can.

More than 700 million users in the world which is preferred by the application, cross-platform, thanks to support mobile devices in addition to desktop and laptop computers can be used. In this way, you can chat with your loved ones wherever you are for free, or you can talk to.

Any application that does not require registration, automatically sync your contact list and your personal phone number as your ID to accept it immediately started texting with friends who also use Viber.

7000 at one time with the application you can send messages with 200 characters if you want a gathering of your friends has the chance to do group chats. Sending photos, videos, send messages, send voice messages, send files, share location, share contact information, links to be able to share rich, emoji support and much more stickers on Viber and available in select markets.

Specially optimised for tablets Android wear support for the app also. Also advanced notification of all incoming messages and calls you by viewing instant thanks to the support of that you will answer much easier.

Viber Mobile Messaging App

Viber Viber Android app that can work in sync with PC version; Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and many more are quite popular on the Android smart phone can be used in a fast and fluid manner.

The popular mobile messaging application Viber is now available on Windows. With Viber Windows software, you will be able to make free calls and phone calls with Viber users on your list. Viber Windows software automatically syncs the contacts, messages and call history on the Viber application on your mobile device. So you’ll be able to drive the comfort of your PC to start conversation over Viber.

Viber Windows Edition Features:

  • Best quality HD voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Sending text messages and photos Group conversations
  • If Viber is installed on your mobile device, it does not require registration in any way
  • Synchronize contacts and messages for you between your mobile phone and Windows
  • Ongoing call transfer between devices

You can send free messages, voice and video calls that you can make an application if you need Viber. Viber apk file download options are also available through.
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