WhatsApp’s feature to enable people who don’t have a phone next to them to keep in touch is combined with some developers’ desire to interfere with privacy, and whatsapp for Whatscan.

Only the Android version of the application, WhatsApp Web client using the QR code to make itself look like a computer. When you open this application that you have installed on your Android device, you can access all of its messages when you open the WhatsApp of any device and read the code from the Web. When you do this, the notification panel of the device that you reach the messages shows that the Web client is active and there is the option to turn it off.

We tested on our test device because of the security risks of this application. We do not recommend using this unethical system.

Whatscan is an app that lets you copy any Whatsapp account in seconds. In today’s article, we will answer the questions of how to use Whatscan.

Whatscan how to use

Whatsweb for Whatscan app is the most practical application that you can use whenever you want to access someone’s whatsapp account information. You can download and use it for free on Android and ios phones. Simply swipe the QR code to capture whatsapp account. With WhatsWeb For Whatscan you can copy your lover’s WhatsApp conversations to your phone extremely quickly. All you need to do is open the WhatsApp application on his phone and chat screen – menu – WhatsApp follow the Web path, scan the resulting code code WhatsWeb For Whatscan.

Thanks to the application you can use 2 different Whatsapp accounts on one device. Get access to chat history from WhatsApp contacts, chat list from recent photos and videos from anywhere

How to use Whatscan?
Download the Whatscan app from android or ios markets and install it on your device. It doesn’t matter what phone the person you want to capture Whatsapp account uses.

After running the application, we scan the QR code scan screen to the account of the person you want to access Whatsapp account. All data will be transferred to your phone within 5-10 seconds after the operation.

You can send us your questions about whatscan application by commenting. The application can be downloaded for free for all mobile operating systems. You can also use the app to open and use multiple Whatsapp accounts on a single device, except for account play.