2020 Most Popular Chrome Webstore?

2020 most popular chrome webstore plugins are one of the most customizable browser applications with its large plug-in pool. However, to avoid loss of performance, it is useful to use a minimum number of functional applications. What are they? Google Chrome is known to be the most used web browser in the world. Chrome, even though it is subject to some criticism about the challenge of RAM and processor; With its clean interface, functional user experience, easy synchronization, and more, it’s one of Google’s most popular and used services. In addition to all of Chrome’s features, there’s another way to increase functionality: ‘plug-ins’ (or extensions). 2020 Most Popular Chrome Webstore Plugins in this context, we’ve listed some of the best Chrome apps of 2020 that will automate some of your time-consuming tasks and tasks and help you use your time on the Internet more functionally. You can reach the related page by clicking on the titles.

Google Keep:

Google Chromes simple yet convenient note-taking application Chromes Chrome plug; in; allows you to save pages, pictures, and text that you may want to visit later. You can quickly save what you want to note with Google Keep. In this way, while working or surfing the internet when you think of an idea you can not forget by saving instantly, you do not allow your idea to disappear. The best part of the Google Keep extension is that it has a mobile app on both iOS and Android, and synchronizes with it quite easily.

Stay Focused:

If you don’t realize how time passes while surfing the web, this plugin is perfect for you. Stay Focused limits the amount of time you can spend on websites where you are likely to spend a lot of time-wasting unnecessary time on the Internet. In this way, you can increase your productivity.

ZenMate VPN:

Thanks to various prohibitions and blocked websites, Turkish internet users are considered to be in good contact with VPNs. For those who aren’t familiar, however, ZenMate VPN can be a handy Chrome extension. Another benefit of VPN, which can be translated into Turkish as Virtual Private Networks, is that it can secure your browsing sessions as well as access to banned sites. We all know that Google collects information about our browsing habits when we go online. ZenMate VPN can be an in-house way to provide more privacy.

ZenMate VPN is one of the best VPN applications for Chrome with a lifetime free plan. It has everything a free VPN can offer. Add-on features such as traffic encryption, high speed, multiple servers for proxy locations, and additional security measures, such as WebRTC blocking and NATFirewall, protect you from hackers.


This add-on is an easy-to-use reader that improves the readability of long articles on web pages. It allows easy reading in an interface free of annoying elements such as pop-ups.


Usersnap allows developers to test their applications, capture screenshots, track errors, and get feedback on any website or application they’re working on. It is one of the most functional plug-ins for developers. Please note that using too many extensions may affect performance, even if there are many functional applications available for Google Chrome. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use only the minimum number of Chrome extensions you need and need.

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