How to change Facebook theme? How to personalize the Facebook interface?
Today we’ll show you how to use how to add new themes on Facebook. Facebook 2004 after the change of many themes to the present day. Nowadays, new themes created by software friends like us have started to be used more. Facebook is more fun than facebook along with new themes.

They have introduced many new features, but they always have the same menu color for their pages, ie Blue. The color of Facebook has been the same since its launch. In fact, Facebook is behind the blue color and there’s a good reason why they don’t change. On the other hand, it is very easy to change the whole theme and background color of Facebook with a different color.

You can do this in your computer browser, no matter which one you use. There are add-ons on your computer that you can change the Facebook theme and color for free. If you’re ready, let’s briefly explain how to change the Facebook theme color.

Facebook Theme Change Method 2019
First of all, we’ll talk about a few ways you can change the theme of your Facebook account on the website. The basic requirement for these methods to work on your computer is to have a working Chrome or Mozilla browser.

In Google Chrome, the Facebook color change is done using Chrome extensions that you can download from the Chrome web store. They allow you to replace the default blue color with any color you want.

Open Google Chrome
Go directly to the Chrome Web Store, or open a new tab in Chrome, click the Apps icon at the top left, and then select Web Store to install the extension.
In the search box at the top left, type Facebook Flat and press Enter. Or click on the link here.