Before the product and brand advice, let us briefly explain how the burglar alarm system works.

What is Burglar Alarm System and How Does It Work?

Basically this type of system consists of main control unit, pir motion detector, magnetic contact, external siren and password keypad.
NC (Normally closed) system is used as standard in alarm systems. An alarm occurs when the cable or circuit is NO (Normally open).

There is a 220V lowering transformer, 12Volt battery and system circuit board in the main control unit.

The transformer reduces the mains voltage of 220 volts to 16 to 19 volts. This voltage is converted to the correct current on the system board and fixed to 13 volts. The operating voltages of burglar alarm systems are generally 13 volts.

The dry battery, which is connected to the system, is one of the most important parts that ensure the operation of the alarm system in case of power outages.

Password keypad; to set and deactivate the alarm. The alarm can be activated and deactivated by writing a 4-6 digit code only known to the user. It is also possible to create a separate password for each user. The door is mounted to the entry points. Alarm systems have entry and exit times. During these times, a password can be entered via the keypad.

External Siren; External sirens are installed outside the building. They wait for 24 hours in the ready position. They have LED lights for warning purposes. These LEDs move slowly when there is no alarm condition. When an alarm occurs for any reason, they start to flash quickly and give an audible signal.

Motion Detectors (PIR); The fresnel lens in the front of the motion detectors has the ability to focus the rays in the environment. When the movement occurs with the heat in the environment, these rays are collected by focusing on the fresnel lens. These movements are controlled via the microprocessor circuit of the motion detector, and if an alarm condition occurs, the relay in the motion detector is activated. As inanimate objects do not emit heat, false alarms are prevented.

Magnetic Contact; It consists of two parts. One part contains only a magnet. The other part contains two metal plates very close to each other. When the magnetized part is brought closer to or removed from this part, these metal tips touch or separate from each other. In this way, the cable ends on the short circuit or open circuit. They are usually mounted on doors and windows.

How should the burglar alarm system be?

If you plan to have an alarm system installed in your home or office, you must first determine your own needs.
Burglar alarm systems provide a wide range of product support.
For example; You can maximize your safety by connecting smoke detectors, flood detectors, LPG or natural gas detectors to the system. This depends entirely on your economic situation. You should also consider which floor your house is on and possible theft points. Keep in mind that thieves will check the locations that can reach your home from your next-door neighbor or your next-floor neighbor! Once you have identified your needs, you should request a discovery service from a professional security firm.

In the simplest case, an alarm system should have the following features.

1 keypad; It must be tamper-proof against disassembly.
1 main control unit; The alarm must sound if the cover is opened by unauthorized persons.
1 magnetic contact; It is mounted on the entrance door.
1 external siren; It is attached to the exterior or outside the door of the apartment. The siren must have a backup battery and metal protection against tampering. The siren cover must be programmed to alarm immediately if opened.
1 motion detector; It is mounted so that it can see the entrance door directly from the front. If the magnetic contact fails or fails, it is activated as a secondary measure. In this type of installation, if the magnetic contact is opened first, the motion detector will not alarm until the input time is over. If the magnetic contact does not work or if a motion occurs in front of the motion detector inside the building before the magnetic contact, the system should alarm immediately. This is technically called the Tracking Zone and the technician programming the system must pay attention to these steps.
Should the system be wired or wireless?

If you do not have an aesthetic concern, you can use a wired system. In the wired system, you should remember that each detector and magnetic contact will have a separate cable!

The biggest advantage of wireless systems is its aesthetically pleasing appearance and ease of installation. The biggest drawback is the battery problem.
In new technology wireless alarm systems, wireless motion detectors do not continuously detect and increase battery life. However, please note that every 2-3 years you will have to replace the battery. Especially wireless smoke detectors are ready for 24 hours and you may need to replace the batteries in 1 year.
When the batteries reach a critical level, the alarm panel will alert you through the keypad in which region there is a problem.
In addition, alarm systems can work both wired and wireless. Since wireless systems are more expensive than wired systems, you can install wired systems in places close to the alarm control panel and wireless systems in remote locations. As each alarm brand and model has different features, please ask for help from a professional security company.

Connecting the Alarm System to the Police Station?

No alarm system can be connected directly to the police station or other safety units. This transaction is carried out only for a certain fee by private firms which are authorized by the governorates to set up and operate an alarm monitoring center in the seventh paragraph of the fifth article of the Law No. 5188 on Private Security Services.

The vendor and installation technician performs your alarm tracking connections and programming steps.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Alarm Tracking Services?

All transactions made via your alarm system are transmitted to the computers in the alarm monitoring center via telephone or GPRS system and your alarm system is monitored for 24 hours.
By specifying the times during which the alarm can be set and deactivated, you can have the alarm detected by the monitoring center if the alarm is turned off by using a password outside these hours. If you have not set up your alarm system until the specified time, the alarm monitoring center can call and provide information.
If the alarm center has received an alarm from a fire detector or motion detector, they will call you first and confirm the situation, if necessary, they will direct the fire department or the police. You can also help ambulances, fire brigades and police on the keypad.

If you have the setup technician set a kurulum forced setup password,, you enter this code when someone tries to shut down your alarm system by force, and your alarm system is disabled, but this process drops to the monitoring center as a forced alarm shutdown and the police is directed to your address.

Power outages, battery and battery failures that may occur in your system can also be seen by the monitoring center.

The alarm panel sends a test signal to the monitoring center at certain times every day and notifies that it is active.

Monitoring centers have different package options. You should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Since Monitoring Centers provide extra security, the disadvantages are negligible. For this reason, annual fees should not be considered with disadvantage.

If there is an internet connection in the place where the alarm system is installed, communication costs of the alarm with the phone are reduced to zero by using an Ethernet module.

Which Brand and Model Alarm Panel Should I Buy?

The most well-known professional alarm system brands in the market;

Paradox, DSC, Caddyx, Bosch, Technim and Crow.

The brand and model suitable for your needs can be determined by the vendor.

Please note that; Along with the brand and model of the alarm system, the experience of the technical team that will make the installation is very important!