Interior design has become an integral part of almost every new building today. For your home or office space, we all want it to be the best from the outside and inside. If you spend a fortune on the exterior beauty of your property, the interior cannot be ignored. In fact, the interiors of your space are more important, because you spend most of your day in your office or home.

An attractive interior not only earns the appreciation of our friends and relatives, but also makes it a salable property for the future. While there are many who prefer to design their interior with their own ideas, if you want something like movies, magazines or the web, your interiors will need a professional touch.

However, thanks to advancing technology, there are now interior design programs that help you draw your own design ideas. So, if you want to prepare a design project, these programs can be really useful. Here, we’ve listed some of the best interior design software for Windows for your review.

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Planner 5D

Price: Free

An easy to use, yet advanced interior design tool that will help you create 2D / 3D home design. You can create your desired home design in just 3 simple steps. The first step is to create floor plans and design layout in 2D mode. You can change the pattern to 3D to find and edit from any angle.

The second step is where you can edit colors, designs, and materials to create custom walls, floors or furniture. Finally, you can save your design as a realistic looking image using the Snapshot function. With an easy-to-use interface, it appeals to both beginners and experienced users alike.

You can design your interior online on the website or you can use this application from your smartphone with iPhone or Android applications.

Sweet Home 3D

Price: Free

Sweet Home 3D, one of the leading interior design software, is a free application that helps users draw their own property plans, organize furniture and view results in 3D. Using this tool, you can draw a straight, round or curved wall of the correct size. You can use the mouse or the keyboard for this purpose. You can then add doors and windows to the walls and plan them.

Then, the living room, bedroom, kitchen and so on. You can add furniture from a detailed catalog arranged in categories. It also allows you to change the size, color, layout, texture, and location of walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. You can also view the design in 3D over the air. Adding comments to the plan, creating realistic images, importing the design, printing or exporting in PDF or other main formats are some of the other important features.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planne (Online)

Price: Free

Roomstyler comes with over 120,000 products from well-known brands that help you decorate your interior designs. It simplifies design and eliminates all unnecessary difficulties, such as selecting swatches. Clicking the app opens an interface where you can rearrange your room online. Only after you are satisfied with the results, you can start designing in real life.

It is an easy-to-use program that allows everyone to create photo-realistic 3D images of designed interiors. In addition, the products in the virtual warehouse are real furniture models. These furniture models belong to many different brands, from names such as IKEA sofas to luxurious pieces of top designers such as Marcel Wanders. The app also works as a viewing book with thousands of rooms designed online.

Amikas to

Price: Free

Redesign and build your rooms using the 3D interior design Amikasa. You can redecorate your rooms with wall colors, furniture and floors using original brands. You can start by selecting the shape of your room or even create your own floor plan. What’s more, with the help of plan mode, fix the dimensions of the wall that completes your space. You can then position the doors and windows accordingly.

The next step will be to decorate and furnish places where you can find many colors. You can try out the color combinations in your room using the color wheel and the catalog with a wide range of upholstery materials. You can choose your preferred furniture products from the catalog and easily drag and drop these items to your virtual room. You can also adjust, rotate, and rearrange them to your preference.

myvirtualho to

Price: Free

The software is equipped with a variety of tools to help you design the 3D version of your home. The interface provides easy access to attractive and useful training videos due to its professional layout. The software comes with many options that help users to switch between a variety of building materials, such as cabinets, walls, doors and windows, and accordingly design your upcoming home with furniture from photos of different brands.

Preferred halls, coffee tables, televisions and so on. You can select and simply click on them and drag them into the layout. What’s more, the program comes with different prefab floor plans and a sweet feature that lets you walk around your home with a 3D clone that looks more like a video game.