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Remote Desktop control between programs without freezing for me or for other people I’m sure you can access the remote computer with TeamViewer leader. And if anyone can figure out if there’s a problem on your friend’s computer, you can help by remotely connecting to him about it.

As well as you can share files with TeamViewer Remote Desktop Connection on your computer, you can transfer the files to the computer of the person you are connected to. TeamViewer at the same time via live chat, you can open the web camera.
With the program data files on your computer, you can transfer the computer.

Use the Setup Program; the program on our computer we install our program on the computer of the contact person in the same way that the same version must be installed. The other side across the computer if you are connecting to the other party opening the program will give you the ID and password by opening the program on your own computer, instead of typing the ID with the ID you received in front of the person we can setup the connection, click the option. After 3-5 seconds, a small window to the next window after typing a 4-digit password for the password, you can have remote control of the desktop.

Version Update Launch It With TeamViewer 11.

Whiteboard: with this feature, you draw a picture on your own computer, you can show on the computer at the same time.

Door lock: a feature that online users was developed to be punctual, when it came time for a meeting with this feature, after locking the door prevents users from entering the meeting and thus in subsequent meetings, users begin to be more precise.

Profile picture: your profile picture you can add a session in the new version.

11 TeamViewer innovations that comes with the update
The TeamViewer program, which was given a performance with the new update faster, uses less bandwidth thus helps create a more effective image. program a certain bandwidth, so you can get the very best quality as well as better picture quality. The new update also provides much faster file transfer with 15 women. In addition to this rate by up to 30 percent lower in data usage offers.

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