Webcam Toy


Using your computer’s webcam toy webcam, easily and also allows you to apply various effects to them via your Internet browser if you wish to share with your friends via Facebook and twitter if you wish a Web application that allows.

Retro collage effects effects in options up to the Web application that hosts more than 70 image quality, ease of use and draws attention. To use, simply visit the web address of the application “are you ready? Smile!” the effects of using the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between by pressing the button.

If the computer likes to have fun, and if you want to surprise your friends, I suggest you don’t miss the application. Take a photo with a simple program, edit, and share
Photography and Webcam Toy makes it easier for you to edit to suit your preferences. Completely unique with various effects you can create images that can be selected. After downloading the software, are easy to open. Only when it asks for permission to use the program, make sure that you have provided access to your camera. To take a picture, just press the camera key. You provided a lot of options between the flash, making a photo frame – that makes it easy to create photos like photos on Facebook and LinkedIn – and by not trying to write to add words to your photos appropriately close to the mirror.

Webcam Toy allows you to share your photos on social media sites as soon as you finish that includes a feature to directly. While this requires an Internet connection, once after you have downloaded the program you do not need to be online to enjoy the fun. Interface is easy to use and with a little practice you can quickly master all of the effects this program has a lot to offer.



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  1. how it works? 🙁 there’s no way to do it?! anyone tell me how to make it work? pls
    i have top 10 ways to hack it or edit it so pls,if you tell me how i will tell you how to edit games
    enjoy your game 🙂

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