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How to enable Dark Mode in the messaging app on Android phones?

Now available on Android smartphones, the ‘Dark Mode’ feature can be activated in a simple way. Here is the method:

How to enable whatsapp dark mode android

Both Android and iOS platforms, many different mobile applications recently ‘Dark Mode’ feature comes to the fore. This option, which is very reasonable for those who want to darken the user interface and use the applications in different colors, is finally integrated into the messaging application on Android. A to Z: 12 tips to free up storage on Android phones! A to Z: 12 tips to free up storage on Android phones! TECHNOLOGY This new option, which is now gradually distributed to users, also allows for various adjustments to the font and appearance. Enable Dark Mode in the messaging app on Android phones

The Dark Mode feature, which is included in the messages application on Android smartphones, can be activated simply. First of all, you have to click on Enable Enable Dark Mode ├╝zerinden via the ellipsis icon at the top right. When the operation is performed, the speech bubbles that normally appear as gray and light blue on the white background become darker. That is all. It is worth recalling that the update is being offered gradually, and that each user is not currently active.

how to whatsapp dark mode

Dark mode for WhartsApp on Android Android users need to be running the latest beta version of Android Q or Android 10. Android Q comes with a native dark mode. Enable the dark theme on Android Q by going into the settings-Display and then tap theme and select “Dark”. Now, to apply the “Dark” theme to all the apps, you will need to enable the ‘Developer Options’. Head to the “About Phone” tab in Settings and then tap on “Build Number” seven times. Go back to the main Settings page and get to the “Developer options.” Once in the Developer options, switch on the “Override force-dark” to apply the dark theme to all the apps.

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WhatsApp will now have dark mode applied throughout its UI except the chats page. You can easily darken chats area by to the Settings- Chats- Wallpaper. Now pick a solid dark colour from the list. However, Android Q is currently in beta and isn’t available for all. If your phone supports the Android 10 beta then you are required to opt-in for the update. Dark mode for WhatsApp on iOS iOS users have two methods to implement dark mode, however one of the methods require you to jailbreak the device hence we’ll cover a more simpler method. iOS 11 had introduced a “Smart Invert” feature that reverses the colours of the iPhone’s display. Just like in Android, the chats page does not change and hence here too you’ll need to apply a dark image as wallpaper.