Camhi For Pc Free Download?

Camhi For Pc Free Download. A Popular CamHi camera is an application that facilitates and helps people in daily life. Thanks to the CamHi camera application, your phone can record video with the security cameras in your home, and you can watch them wherever you want. So you can always be safe and see everything happening around you at any time.

How to Install CamHi for PC?

CamHi for PC camera application is straightforward to install, practical and straightforward. It is compatible with phones with the Android operating system and phones with IOS operating system. In this way, you can apply the same no matter which phone you use. The installation of the CamHi for pc application is as follows:
  • If you use a mobile phone with an Android operating system, it will be enough to download the CamHi application from the Google Play Store. Afterward, it is enough to create a new account, enter your e-mail information, and set a password.
  • If you are using a mobile phone with an IOS operating system, you can also download the CamHi application from the App Store. Likewise, you only need to log in if you have an account. If you do not have an account, you can create an account for yourself concisely.

How to Use CamHi for PC?

The CamHi app is also straightforward to use and only takes a few minutes. The steps you need to follow to use the same application are as follows:
  • Enter your mobile phone’s wireless network list.
  • After activating your camera on the list, a network connection option with the name of your camera will appear.
  • You can connect your phone and camera to a shared network by using the password written on the bottom of your camera box.
  • After the connection is complete, go to the application.
  • Click the “+” icon in the window that opens.
  • Click on ‘Scan Camera ID’ on the new screen that opens.
  • Activate your phone. Scan the barcode on the box with your camera.
  • If you specify the name and password on the screen that appears, the camera will open, and you will be able to start using it immediately.

How to Uninstall CamHi for PC?

It is not enough to delete the app to uninstall the CamHi camera. You should find the CamHi application by going to the ‘My Applications’ section in your mobile phone settings section. You can either delete your account or remove the application from here.

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