BitTorrent For Chrome?

BitTorrent For Chrome is one of the most suitable file sharing protocols for every domain. Thanks to the advanced features of this protocol, many companies have become the file-sharing address among themselves. A protocol that has proved itself in the field of file sharing is absolutely useful. You can take shared files to your computer from anywhere, at high speed. If you ask what is the harm of Torrent’s own structure does not harm your computer. There is only one point to note. It can also download the Torrent file from trusted sites to prevent virus infection.

BitTorrent Add magnet with One Click %100 WORKING

Send a link to the BitTorrent Web UI and BitTorrent PC UI

The extension adds an item in the contextual menu when right-click is done over a magnet link.

You can then, send that link to the BitTorrent UI without leaving the current page. Allows to instantly begin the download of a torrent or magnet link into a configurable set of directories in BitTorrent.

Very useful, if… Allows to instantly begin the download of a torrent or magnet link into a configurable set of directories in BitTorrent. Very useful, if you have BitTorrent on a dedicated machine.

BitTorrent Configure?

Perhaps the most interesting feature of BitTorrentBitTorrent is; It is a scheduling feature that allows you to determine the day and time and intensity of the download and sending of your torrents. Using this feature, it can determine that BitTorrent will perform the download and send operations at full speed, limited speed, and only in one hour seven days a week; you can stop these operations completely at certain times of certain days. for example; If you share your network with other users and do not want to block their use of the Internet, you may restrict or stop the download and sending of the program on those days and hours when those people use the Internet.

BitTorrent Extension

Another remarkable feature of the program is the automatic shutdown feature. With the options available from the Auto Shutdown in the Options menu, you can choose whether to automatically exit, sleep, reboot, restart, or shut down the computer if the download or both download and send operations are completed. This allows you to shut down your computer once the download is complete and prevent it from wasting electricity.

BitTorrent is a P2P network with more than 135 million users worldwide. BitTorrent is becoming more and more widespread day by day, along with all legal web file downloads, we are now seeing torrent links. So much so that even popular programs such as Opera and Flashget have begun to offer torrent support. BitTorrent software is the founder and name owner of this sharing network.

With BitTorrent, you can find torrent files of programs, games, music, movies, series, and documents that you are looking for and easily download them to your computer.

It is considered as something else for the BitTorrent program. Bit upload program Designed for High-speed Internet (High-Speed Internet), especially upload files of 100MB size (Upload Files) or download files (Download Files). Or in GB. It is very easy to use and very fast. Bit of the job installation program It is very easy. All you need is to know and become a member of any torrent site and follow the rules of that site. You will then be able to upload the files you want through the BitComet program. The more you give, the more you get

BitTorrent Extension

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