Grammarly grammar, style, plagiarism and more is a program that controls. Is available directly through the official web site or the Microsoft Word Add-In can be downloaded as. Reliable and everyone can write for any purpose that is great. It works fast and have a lot of features.

I noticed that the plugin works very well and was easy to use, but when you run from the developer’s web site much more optimized and works much better.

The plugin version is limited in some features, actually. Online fashion do not have, this also is a disadvantage because the grammar, punctuation, or style to check the Internet, you don’t really need. The only thing you need is an Internet connection, for the detection of plagiarism.

Is applied to check the spelling on a lot for everything these days, since I discovered that plagiarism is the most useful style properties. The control of plagiarism and copied material directly from another source, shows the percentage of the work very quickly. Highlights sometimes very common things, but overall is doing a great job. This has good features very easy to use and generally useful program.



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