TeraCopy Download?

TeraCopy Download. TeraCopy program is a program that you can apply to repair your files. While copying, some errors may from time to time. These errors can prevent the file from and open. You can ask for help from TeraCopy to access these files, which are important to you. If you are making many copies and only one of them has errors, TeraCopy selects the faulty file instead of ending the entire copy operation. Attempts to recover the problem file, if it fails to do so, it continues to copy other files. The resulting error to you and tries to.

How to Install TeraCopy?

To install the TeraCopy application, the application must first to your computer. If you follow these steps, you can complete the download without any problems;
  • First, you need to enter “TeraCopy” and click on the Download option from here.
  • After starting the download, wait until the app is.
  • When the installation process is, all you need to do is start installing TeraCopy.
  • When you right-click and select run, you will start installing the application. In your next steps, the application will give you guidance.
  • You can use the TeraCopy application in the Windows operating system or MAC operating system. Its size is 4.5 MB, so it does not take up too much space on your computer and does not need very large system requirements.
How to Use TeraCopy?
Using the TeraCopy application is as simple as downloading. You can follow these steps while using;
  • To use the program, first, open the folder by double-clicking the folder you downloaded.
  • When you see the license agreement, press I accept, say Next, and move on.
  • Choose the Normal Version option on the new screen that comes up and say Next again.
  • Drag and drop the file you want to copy and leave the remaining task to do the work.
How to Uninstall TeraCopy?
There are also some steps you need to follow to delete TeraCopy. But, what needs to is to delete the application from here using the add-remove program option. Otherwise, the application continues its task on the computer. With the help of adding or remove programs, you can also perform the deletion process with the help of program deletion applications.

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