LibreOffice Download?

LibreOffice Download? The LibreOffice program is an office software program developed for those who need office software on their computer. The version, which to users as a beta in 2010, started to serve with its original version as of 2011. It can work with both Windows and Mac computers as well as Linux. Thanks to this application, you can have a good office experience on your computer. According to the known, it has 10 million users on Mac and Windows and 15 million users on Linux.

How to Install LibreOffice?

To install the LibreOffice program, you need to follow a few steps. The steps you need to follow for the installation as follows;

After entering the address, click on Download latest version under the main founder text.

  • LibreOffice” With this step, the download process begins.
  • When the download, click on the application and select the run option.
  • Complete the setup process by following the instructions shown to you.
  • At the end of the steps, you can start using the LibreOffice application.
How to Use LibreOffice?
Using the LibreOffice application does not force users. It is a program that can how to use it in a short time with a few uses. It can as follows.
  • There is various software in the LibreOffice application. Some of this software are; Writer, Math, Base, Charts, Calcs.
  • By using this software, all office programs can without any problems.
  • After logging into the application, you can view the software.
  • MS Office programs, you can use all software compatible with other office programs.
  • There is no need to deal with things like format conversion during use.
How to Uninstall LibreOffice?
The process of uninstalling the LibreOffice program is among the issues that many people wonder. Removal after installation is not the same as standard removal steps. In order for the LibreOffice program to, the following must on the terminal;
  • The sudo apt-get remove –purge LibreOffice *
  • sudo apt-get clean
  • sudo apt-get
After typing these codes in the terminal, you will be able to delete LibreOffice from your computer. When you delete, you will not completely delete the software from your computer.

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