How to install Chrome plug-ins

You can use plug-ins to customize your Google Chrome browser and add additional features. So where and how to install Chrome add-ons? You can easily install add-ons using Chrome Web Stores.   Thousands of extensions and functions are available in Chrome stores. Installing and removing plug-ins is also very practical.

You can install one-click plug-ins and remove them from your browser with a single click. How to install Google chrome plugins You need to log in to see Chrome plug-ins. You can log in to to sign in to Chrome stores.

Locate and select the desired extension. Click Add to Chrome. For some extensions, you’ll see a dialog box listing the data that the extension can access. Click Add extension to allow the extension to access your data and install the extension. How to install Chrome add-on After you install some add-ons, you may be prompted to restart your browser.

After restarting your browser, you can start using the plug-in you installed. In particular, add-ons from Google provide very useful features for your browsers. If you see the message “This extension may be corrupted ken while installing the plug-in, it means that the extension’s files may have changed. To protect you, Chrome disables this extension. To repair the extension: In a Chrome window, click the Other More icon. Select More tools then Extensions. Locate the corrupted extension and click Repair. You can also get some additional features and functionality that you don’t have in Google Chrome but that you request. These extensions can offer many features to make your browser more practical and quick to use.

How can you remove the plug-in you have installed?

Add-ons appear in the upper-right pane of your browser. You can remove the plug-in by right-clicking the icon of the plug-in you want to remove and selecting Remove from Chrome.