YouTube Unblocked. After Twitter, the giant video-sharing site YouTube to the disabled areas. Of course, we hope that this ban will not last long, but what can we do if we want to use YouTube without waiting for the obstruction?
There are two ways ahead: changing DNS servers or taking advantage of VPNs. As long as the first method works, you don’t have to deal with VPNs. You can access YouTube with a simple setting change. Yet, you will not be able to reach Twitter in this way.
If YouTube’s IP is also blocked, the DNS switching method will not work. The safest way is to use VPNs to give you access to YouTube and Twitter from a different country. Download Youtube Unblocker.

Youtube Unblocked for Chrome Extension Download

Unless YouTube is subject to IP-based blocking, you can access it by changing the DNS server addresses you use. What you need to do is very simple. To change the DNS server you are using in Windows, open the Control Panel (type Control Panel on the home screen). The following: Network and internet> Network and Sharing Center. Find your Internet connection on the right and click on the blue link.
YouTube Unblocked

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YouTube unblocked in the window that opens, click Properties. You will see a list in the connection properties window. In this list, find Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and highlight it by clicking (do not uncheck). Now click Properties.

At the bottom of the window that opens, click “Use the following DNS server addresses:” You can now type the DNS addresses you want to use in the two boxes that become active at the bottom if you’re going to use Google’s DNS addresses, type and in the first and second boxes. If you want to use OpenDNS, use addresses and

Free VPN: Youtube Unblocked! Download

Chrome is a popular browser, especially with plug-ins. This browser now has a special place in our country, especially where Twitter and similar access bans have become a part of everyday life. You ask why? Of course, because of the plug-in called Youtube Unblocker.
Youtube Unblocker is a friendly VPN solution that you can install in 30 seconds, free of charge from the Chrome Web Store. After the installation, the icon. That opens the door to banned sites for you. Chrome’s toolbar offers you different server alternatives from other locations. Choose one of these alternatives and try entering Twitter; See how simple and convenient Youtube Unblocker is.

Youtube Unblocked FAQ

How do I unblock YouTube extensions?

Let’s install the free VPN extension via the link we gave you above. After the installation is done, let’s change our location. You can access any banned or locked sites you want.

Where can I watch YouTube unblocked?

Note that you first need a VPN to watch unblocked YouTube. With the Google Chrome browser, you can access blocked or prohibited sites. First, we need to install a free VPN on our browser from the Chrome store.

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