Phone Clone Download For PC?

Phone Clone For PC. Popular Phone Clone is an application developed for the Huawei brand. Thanks to Phone Clone, you can transfer contacts, audio, music, photos, videos, and even the applications you use to your new phone. The phone you want to share can be between Android and IOS and between IOS-Android. Moreover, you can do this transfer only through the public wifi network, without any more fees or different applications.

Phone Clone

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How to Install Phone Clone?

Phone Clone setup is effortless and will only take a few minutes. So you can copy your cell phone in no time. To use the Phone Clone application, you have to download the application to both your old mobile phone and your new mobile phone. You can transfer all your data and files within minutes with such a simple process.
How to Install Phone Clone

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How to Use Phone Clone?

The Phone Clone application is effortless, like installing it, and will only take a few minutes. The steps you need to do for this are as follows:
  • Install the Phone Clone app on your new phone.
  • Press’ Switch to Receive Mode’ at the bottom.
  • Select the operating system you used on your old phone and click ‘Next.’ After the installation process is over, accept the service agreement.
  • Then, after downloading the application on your old. Phone and confirm the service agreement, click ‘Import’ and press ‘Next.’
  • Scan the QR code on your new phone to the opened camera of your old phone.
  • Wait until the connection and ‘Connected to the old device’ appears.
  • Choose what data you want to transfer from the options that appear later.
  • Press the send button.
  • Wait for the transfer to finish.

How to Uninstall Phone Clone?

Removing the Phone Clone application is quite simple. You can delete the app from both your phones via the Google Play Store or App Store. Yet, if you want to ensure that the Phone Clone application. You want to make sure that your data is not stored. You should go to the settings section of your phone and ‘My Apps.’ In this section, when you find the Phone Clone. Application and click the “Uninstall” button.

Phone Clone for PC FAQ

How do I clone my Android phone to my computer?

  1. You can backup via USB.
  2. I can get a Backup with Google Account.
  3. You can install backups with wifi.
  4. It’s a Bluetooth Backup.

Can Android phones be cloned?

Programs to make your phone Clone. Phone models such as Android and iPhone are available. There’s CLONEit for Android. For the iPhone, there’s DR. Fone.

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