Unblock Youku for Google Chrome

Unblock Youku extension is the most potent VPN Proxy server available for free. Remarkable: it encrypts internet connection, unlocks websites, protects against tracking. It hides your current location, and you can access all websites.

It is the most robust extension. Thousands of users are currently using and benefiting from it. You can install and download it from the Chrome Web Store or

How to install Unblock Youku

Download from

  • A free link appears on the screen. Click here to download.

» Add to Chrome «

  • Please press the button in the right corner to add it to Google Chrome on the screen that comes up. A new pop box will open.
Unblock Youku For Chrome

Image Source: Google Chrome

Unblock Youku for Chrome Step two

Image Source: Google Chrome

  • This extension will add itself to your chrome browser.
  • After successful installation, an icon will display next to the address bar.

If you use the Unblock Youku extension, you will enjoy its versatile features.

Privacy is the primary rule of every web owner. It is his right to prevent the disclosure of his privacy. Thus, Unblock encrypts all browser traffic. It allows you to browse anonymuncule.

  1. Built-in security with encryption.
  2. Privacy protection through anonymous browsing.
  3. You unlock and access your required website.

Unblock Youku VPN Proxy: Encryption & Security

The Unblock extension is a free, simple, and effective way to ensure your privacy and protection. Bypasses your geo-restrictions; it unblocks your favorite Content regardless of your region. Strong encryption is an essential feature of Unblock Youku. It completes through protected servers. So, it keeps your data private and secure.

When you are at home, traveling, or using the facility of the public Wi-Fi network. It is Unblock Youku that encrypts and protects your connection. It will prevent sniffing and tracking if you are browsing web pages.

Unblock Youku VPN Proxy: Privacy protection

Confidentiality is necessary for all areas of life. No one can tolerate the disclosure of their personal information. Everyone wants privacy, and it cannot be compromised.

The Internet tends to reveal severe confidential information. So, you become vulnerable when using it. As a result, government agencies can easies track your activities. Or your ISP providers, content providers can easies watch.

They can easies find what you are doing and what you are looking for before. Hence, this becomes Unblock Youku, which blocks unwanted intrusions. It also prevents users’ personal information from being exposed to unauthorized persons.

When users enter their data on any website, their identity is hidden. Unblock provides you with an alternative public IP address.

Unblock Youku VPN Proxy: Unlock and access your favorite Content

The Internet has indeed become an essential part of our lives. All kinds of information and Content are available on it. Thus, mandatory websites are blocked. No one can tolerate it being out of access for any reason.

According to Unblock, Youku is here to discover every blocked website. For example, YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, Netflix, and others. So, you will have fun with its outstanding features after installing it. Run it in your browser. Access the required website and get the Content you want.

How to use Unblock

  1. One-click is all it takes to use Unblock Youku.
  2. Click on the icon at the top right of Google chrome.
  3. Click ON or OFF to use this Google chrome extension.
  4. Change location to choose your required area.
  5. It will unlock the Content you want, and your favorite website will open for you.


All in all, I can say that Unblock is the most reliable service. Other VPN proxy software:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Hide My Ass
  • Hola Better Internet
  • Strong VPN
  • Unblock-Us
  • Stealthy
  • Spotflux

These extensions provide your convenience by giving the IP of any region where websites are not blocked. So use this premium service and feel free and safe.

(Note: If you have another VPN Proxy Service installed on your Chrome Browser, i.e., Hola Better Internet. Unblock Youku will not work or become dysfunctional.)

Unblock Youku For Chrome
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