Planner 5D Interior Designer?

Planner 5D Interior Designer the Planner 5D app is a free app that lets you design your home using your Android smartphone and tablet. The application offers you the ability to create your home’s interior design. The digital environment and thus make a more accurate decision before buying. Furniture or decoration is one of the most valuable tools, especially for those who want to go to a new home or redecorate their home.

Thanks to the feature that you can design your floor plan offered by the application. You can use ready-made templates if you wish, and you can start to place your place by drawing the floor plan of your own house. Of course, there will be people who ask how we will add their household items. As tens of thousands of different programs, one of them is very likely to approach your home.
IKEA and other popular construction markets. The Planner 5D Interior designer has thousands of different items, and you can use it to lay your home. Thanks to the fact that the goods have from the product catalogs. Especially those who prefer these stores for furniture shopping will not have any problems.

Planner 5D Interiır Designer?

After realizing your plan, you can also enjoy the 2D and 3D screenshots if you want to share your design with your friends. Thanks to these modes, it is possible to get the ideas of others even if they do not use the application. Placement and rotation arrangements such as placing items. Turning them and changing their tiles make things a little easier. If you want to plan for yourself what your home will look like, you shouldn’t go past it.
Planner 5D – Interior Design: Home Interior Design Application. Planner 5D is an easy-to-use application that allows anyone to create beautifully: realistic interior and exterior designs in 2D and 3D modes. You can choose interior and exterior items from a comprehensive catalog. Design and plan your home or any space you like, and use Virtual Reality mode to see everything.
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Catalog containing 150+ free items
  • Multi-platform synchronization
  • Google Cardboard mode for Virtual Reality view
  • 2D and 3D editor
  • Five unique tap free catalog
  • Planner 5d?
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