StrongVPN For Chrome Extension? How good is StrongVPN? How do I cancel StrongVPN? Is Strong VPN free?

StrongVPN for chrome extension is a private VPN service provider. I haven’t seen you in a while. It’s a great VPN, like a double-sided medallion, which covers the US and also has good usability in China. Some service providers had problems such as the limited number of server passe. The software went through a makeover and development. And now things may have changed! Here is a detailed StrongVPN review:+

Chrome Strong VPN has been on the market for years with the first release released in 2005. No more restrictions! And that’s a real advantage. Because of the VPN ban, most services no longer work in China. It also is a countless number of Internet page which in Turkey. Wikipedia, Booking, etc.

Also, with this latest release, server migration limits seem to have! This allows you to switch between servers as many times as you want. This is good news because the limitations of the server switches are a feature that geçmişte

Unfortunately, StrongVPN does not cover too many countries: only 20 countries for now. And this StrongVPN review hasn’t improved since the last update. But that such a need because Turkish citizens are living in China.

How good is StrongVPN?

StrongVPN on Amazon has a general customer rating of 3.6 out of approximately 45 customer reviews. Despite its size with a small sample, it was about half five stars. Only one customer mentioned customer support, but he called this customer support “outstanding”. And it gave users five stars.

Chrome Strong VPN?

Of course, there are applications on mobile phones: Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

As usual, the annual subscription plan is the cheapest one for users. Some VPNs always offer new plans and promotions, but Strong VPN is not. Indeed, even though their site is being edited and updated, their offers remain the same.

Despite this, some improvements have. First, the money-back guarantee rose from 5 days to 30 days! And that’s good news. I was complaining that it was too short. Because if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription and receive a refund.

They upgraded their concurrent connections to 5. So you can protect all your devices. Or you can share your connection with your friends. There were only 2 devices to support and that was not enough.

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