The best VPN service provides a good balance of functionality, server location, connection protocol and price. We can’t name a single VPN service and say it’s the best, because it depends on what you do with it. If you download files too often, you may have to pay more; In addition, your goal is to get rid of location restrictions, to open banned sites have more affordable options.

Here are the features you should look for in VPN services

Protocol: When you search for VPN services, you will see different types of VPNs, such as SSL / TLS (sometimes called OpenVPN), PPTP, IPSec, L2TP. The protocols have their own advantages and disadvantages, but security researchers say that all these protocols provide adequate security and are not reflected to a normal user.

Output locations: The location where the VPN service is located may be important to you, depending on why you are using it. For example, if you want to watch a UK TV channel and its website only serves the UK, make sure your VPN service’s servers are located in the UK. Servers in the United States are subject to US law, so authorities can transfer usage data to them at any time. Note that a VPN service you pay will be available in different locations.

Logging: When you connect to a VPN, you trust your VPN provider to transfer data. Although your connection protects against those who want to monitor it, systems that use the same VPN, especially the VPN administrator, can save your data to the log files. Check out the provider’s logging policies before becoming a member of this VPN. Some providers may not log. There are some rumors that VPN services in the US have to log daily. Although this is not true, the country administration can always ask the daily journalists for this information.

Two more important points in VPNs

Pest protection functions: Using VPN does not mean that you are absolutely safe and protected from everything. You should continue to use HTTPS as much as possible and pay attention to the files you download. Some VPN services (especially mobile services) can protect you from viruses and trojans.

Mobile application: If you’re going to spend money on VPN, you’ll want it to work consistently everywhere. Leading services offer solutions for both desktop and mobile devices. To use VPN on both your phone and laptop, be careful not to pay for two separate services.

Free VPN providers are likely to record your activity and show you ads. Your navigation habits are also likely to be used in the ads shown to you. In addition, free services offer fewer points of departure. Their emphasis on confidentiality is not as high as those charged. But if you use it from time to time, you can find a VPN to do the job without spending money.

Paid VPNs take your privacy more seriously. They don’t usually show ads. Whether they record your activity varies from service to service. Most offer a free trial service for you to try before you buy. However, it should not be forgotten that using a paid VPN does not justify behaviors such as breaking the law.

Some paid and free VPN services


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