VyprVPN is one of the best VPN software on the market to pierce censorship on the Internet. The software offers proprietary DNS, but the most important feature is its own patented connection protocol called Chameleon ™. When you travel to countries such as China, Russia and North Korea, it perfectly transcends censorship. In addition, VyprVPN now stands out with more efficient and convenient elements for online players. You can read the full analysis below.

VyprVPN Your Privacy and Online Freedom
Featured features of VyprVPN are to keep your privacy and security at the forefront and to provide access to blocked sites and pages. While working on this software, a fully equipped hardware was designed.

With over 700 servers in various locations around the world, excellent speed levels can be achieved. This allows access to blocked sites, especially with American Netflix, to monitor programs at constant and excellent speed.

Finally, VyprVPN is available on most platforms thanks to local applications.

Top Features of VyprVPN
Chameleon ™ Protocol
Censorship is very widespread in countries (China, Iran, Turkey, like North Korea) can take a great deal of difficulty connecting to sites and pages that you want, even if you try to connect to the VPN. Because these countries have started a war against VPNs. They are trying to discover the best ways to make access difficult and prevent.

Open VPN protocols cannot effectively protect governments from censorship efforts from DPI Deep Packet Inspection.

In contrast, VyprVPN has developed their own patented protocols. Although it looks like a normal open VPN connection, it has a feature in the software that re-encrypts the metadata. The name of the protocol is highly effective against Chameleon, DPI and VPN blocking.

VyprDNS, VPN by Vypr
Whenever you connect to the Internet, a DNS server is required to translate the domain name (such as to get user-friendly addresses). Therefore, your internet company is aware of all your internet activities.

Although you can change your DNS servers with Google DNS or OpenDNS, VyprDNS will give you more advantages. First, there are no DNS records. So all your internet activities are special to you. You can also bypass all DNS censorship, so that you can have an open Internet. Google DNS and others may prevent you from accessing dangerous or illegal sites of their own, but you will not experience this problem with VyprDNS because a zero censorship policy is in place.

VyprVPN NAT Firewall
When you sign up for VyprVPN, NAT Firewall is included in the software. Even if your computer has a firewall, the NAT firewall gives you that extra sense of security and protects you from unwanted data. VPN will block any attempt to access your computer without your permission.

This is additionally harmless. You don’t need to make any adjustments, the NAT firewall is pre-installed on VyprVPN servers automatically.

VyprVPN Emergency Switch (Kill Switch)
When dealing with IT, you can experience everything at any time. Even if you have the best VPN, your connection may break for a moment, and when this happens, your OS will automatically reconnect with your standard connection. And that means you’re exposed. So if you are downloading torrents at that moment, your real IP address may be revealed.

But the emergency key eliminates this possibility. In all applications, if you do not have a connection with VPN, it automatically interrupts all data exchange. So there are no more DNS or IPs to expose. Your security is protected until your VPN is reconnected.

Logging and Torrent Policy
VyprVPN is no longer an officially registered VPN. It does not record your activities or metadata about the VPN connection. So you’re safe and can stay anonymous at all times on the Internet.

In addition, VyprVPN allows P2P file sharing and torents. So if you want to download illegal torents, you can consider this VPN.

American Netflix Watch with VyprVPN
VyprVPN provides access to American Netflix. Not only that, it also provides access to other English versions. Canada, Australia or the Netherlands. In short, anywhere in the VPN server!

Enter the archives of the country you want to watch, connect and watch Netflix. It’s that simple! Check out the Netflix compatibility table on the VPN home page. As a result of Netflix’s struggle against VPNs, this compatibility can sometimes vary.

In addition to providing access to censored content, VyprVPN’s superior speed brings the quality of the ride to the next level. This speed allows Netflix to be viewed in high resolution.