With the development 5 Websites to Create Playlists of the smartphone sector and the widespread use of the internet, new sectors joined our lives. Undoubtedly, online music platforms have become the brightest star in these sectors.

5 Websites to Create Playlists we share with you the 5 websites created for Spotify, the world’s most used online music platform, that allow you to create playlists as you wish. There are currently many online music platforms on the market.

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music are the most popular online music platforms. In the very beginning, Spotify came as everyone could guess. According to the latest announcements, Spotify’s monthly paid subscriber base has reached 108 million, making the appetites of other developers as well.

The websites we will talk about now allow Spotify users to create playlists of their choice. Here are 5 handy websites where you can create playlists for Spotify.

5 Websites to Create Playlists?

Modify Download?

Modify is a website that works in conjunction with your Spotify account. This website, which automatically creates the playlist you want to make according to your criteria, does a good job considering the songs, singers, and song genres you often listen to from your Spotify account.

All you have to do is set the variables at the top of the screen as you like and enter the name of the singer or song in the section that says “Search artists or tracks for recommendation seed.

” When you click the “CREATE PLAYLIST” button, your new playlist will automatically be added to your Spotify account.

MagicPlaylist Download?

MagicPlaylist is a song-driven website rather than a singer. For example, there is a song you cannot get enough of listening to in recent years. When you log in to the website with your Spotify account and enter the music in the “Type a song title” section, the system automatically creates a playlist for you.

Prepared list, you find the songs similar to those you see for you to discover new songs and allows you to stay in the same spirit. One of the good advantages of MagicPlaylist is that you can play on the playlist created for you.

For example, if you are going on a long journey, you can create a 3-hour playlist using MagicPlaylist, or you can create a shorter 1-hour playlist. You can also name the playlist you started and make privacy adjustments.

Discover Quickly Download?

Discover Quickly is a website developed by two Spotify employees and, in fact, very useful. This website allows you to discover new songs, listen to short pieces, and create a playlist. All you need to do is log into this website with your Spotify account and learn new songs.

Upon check-in, you will find a variety of menus at the top. These menus include playlists that you’ve previously created, songs you’ve recorded, singers you’ve followed, and playlists created by Spotify. When you move your mouse over the pieces using these variables, the songs start playing automatically.

When you click on the music, it is added to the playlist you began to create. After adding the pieces you want, you can click on the song number in the top right and save your playlist. There is also an option to download songs automatically.


PlayLater offers users direct releases. Using this website, you can view the most recently added albums to Spotify. If there is a singer of interest to you, you can automatically save that album as a playlist.

After logging into this website, you must review the newly released albums and click on the “PLAY LATER” button. You can then go to Spotify and start listening to your new playlist.

Shuffle Spotify?

Shuffle is a spot for Spotify users who want to discover new songs with Spotify. You cannot make any selections on the website. After logging into the system, you give a name to your playlist, determine the number of tracks in the list, and sit back. Shuffle Spotify makes a list of popular routes for you.

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