One of the world’s most widely used platforms, YouTube has unveiled new innovations to control children’s content. The company shared some of the innovations that improved the safety of children in its blog post.

Considering that the new generation grows with technology, it is not to say that children are becoming more active in the use of social media. Therefore, an increase in malicious or harmful content targeting children is a normal occurrence.

YouTube is a name we often hear about child safety. The company tries to improve safety for children, but there are many charges against it. Finally, the company was fined $ 200 million for violating the Child Online Privacy Protection Act.

Following charges against data collection and targeting on YouTube, the company announced today that it has changed the way it is at YouTube Kids and data collection.

Data collection is changing; Personalized ads, comments and notifications are leaving:

According to the article shared on the blog page of the company, the data collected from the content for the child will be analyzed as if it comes from a child regardless of the age of the user. This means that there will be a limit to the data collected and used from the videos produced for children and will only be used as much as the service needs.

Customized ads, comments, and notifications will no longer appear in child-tailored content. It is up to the content producers whether a content is child-specific. Video producers that produce special content for children will say that their content is in this category. In addition, YouTube will use machine learning technology to check whether content is intended for younger children.

YouTube stressed that all the changes mentioned in its article will become operational within four months. Consequently, content producers, whose job is to produce family and child content, have only four months to adapt to new changes. The company said it would provide resources for content producers to better adapt to the changes.

In addition, YouTube will continue to invest in improving the quality of children, families and educational content. The company announced that it has allocated $ 100 million in funding to support the production of more original and good content on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

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