9 Reasons to Use a VPN!

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is one of the components that privacy users cannot give up. VPNs are easy to install and cost-effective. So there are many reasons to use a VPN. Here are 9 reasons to convince you that a VPN is important.

1. Secure Surfing on Public Wi-Fi When you come across a free Wi-Fi connection in a café or hotel, you want to use this connection to log into social networks and check your emails. The problem is that connecting to such networks without a VPN is very risky.

Because public Wi-Fi connections send data unencrypted (except HTTPS), the data can be read. Free Wi-Fi can also be a fake link to direct you to a fishing attack. You can overcome these risks by using a VPN.

2. Over Location-Based Restrictions You need to be in the UK to watch BBC iPlayer, and you must be in the US to access content on the American version of Netflix. However, you can use a VPN to appear in any location, and you can overcome restrictions specific to your location.

3. Overcoming Prohibited Sites Preventing you from accessing the sites is common in some countries and is a frequent occurrence for us. With VPN, you can overcome these barriers and use websites and services that you can’t normally open. Since the VPN connection is encrypted, your service provider and anyone in between cannot learn what you are doing through a VPN.

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4. Exceed Location-Based Charging Some stores may show different prices depending on the web browser or country you use for the same product. These products include shoes, bags, cars, hotel rooms, and airplane tickets. In order to overcome this situation which is not acceptable to the consumer, you can try to find the lowest price by connecting to the VPN from different locations.

5. Encrypt Everything The internet connection you set up via a VPN will transmit everything over the encrypted connection. Although the transmitted data is captured by a hacker over the ports in between, it means nothing. So you can prevent the monitoring of what you do on the internet with a VPN. Although the services and sites you reach do not know your actual location, of course, they will know what you are doing.

6. Speed ​​Up Games If your service provider is referring to a brutal application, such as slowing down the speed in online games, you can overcome this with a VPN. In this case, be sure to connect from a nearby VPN, otherwise, the delay time may be noticeably increased.

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7. Secure Chat Although some apps, such as WhatsApp, forward your chats over an encrypted connection, not all messaging apps offer it. You can use a VPN to prevent your messages from being read during transmission. Note, however, that VPN does not replace end-to-end encryption, and that the services you use can see your messages.

8. Keep Your Torrent Event Hidden Torrent has legal and illegal uses and of course, we do not recommend that you access the licensed services and content via torrent. However, you can use VPN to both get rid of your service provider’s activities to slow down torrents and keep your torrents private. Different VPN services have different policies regarding torrents, so check out these policies before you buy a VPN. Note that downloading torrents via a VPN will not protect you from viruses and other pests.

9. Completely Private Communication Group chat tools, cloud drives can be targeted by hackers or international espionage units. VPNs can reduce such risks, but both your colleagues and friends must use VPNs.

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