Google offers a tool that automatically deletes YouTube tracking and search history. By default, your data is stored forever, but can be deleted from Google servers every 3 or 18 months. Similar auto-delete settings apply to your geçmiş Web and app history birlikte along with your location history. These are not just privacy settings; Choosing to delete your history on a regular basis means that Google will not use deleted YouTube history to personalize your video.
You can set automatic history deletion directly from your smartphone or tablet. To get started, open the “YouTube” app on your device.

How to delete Youtube history automatically?

Touch your account picture in the upper right corner of the Youtube app.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Settings”.

Go to “History and privacy”. Select “Manage all activity.”

You must now be logged in to the YouTube History page.

Tap “Automatically delete” located just above the list of previously watched YouTube videos.

(Don’t want to keep any history? You can click “Change settings” in YouTube History On to prevent YouTube from keeping a history of videos and searches you’ve watched.)

Choose how long you want to keep your YouTube History. By default, your history is only manually deleted. You can change this setting to have YouTube automatically delete its 18-month or three-month history. After making a selection, tap the “Next” button.

The YouTube History Event page will explain what your decision means. It also lists various video history samples that will be automatically deleted. After confirming the process, your settings will be saved.