NOT FLATBOOK so We have Facebook New Thema

Facebook is now known as the world’s most widely used social media application. Not only when we consider the number of users, but also the company potential and the company’s growth rate, Facebook is well ahead of other social media applications. In fact, even the world company rankings have made itself a permanent place for Facebook.

This is a highly successful and 1.5 billion users of Facebook, despite all the good aspects of the criticized aspects are not. Especially advertising and unnecessary buttons used in design are among the most complained issues. Particularly when ads are placed between shares, when you want to review shares from time to time, you can be directed to ads directly. Apart from this, unused icons and buttons are unnecessarily placed on the home page, which can disturb users. Being aware of this situation, Facebook has recently started to make changes in design issues.


A new statement was made in the recent days and it was announced that Facebook will now change its symbols. However, some applications that allow users to change this design structure, although updates will not come for a while, are not available. One of them is the Flat plugin. Facebook provides a simpler and more useful design, which allows you to get rid of Facebook ads. Let’s look at what we need to do to use the Flat plug-in.

What is Facebook Flat ?

From the page extension is a plugin for Facebook friends, standard flat.
Facebook homepage is more useful and becoming more easily find what you’re looking for a page where you can. Thanks to the flat extension Facebook page, you can see exactly. I would recommend you to try. Just flat chrome Facebook Add-On is installed. Facebook is a free plugin extension to flat.
This plugin also automatically remove ads thanks to facebook. The content makes it more reliable.