Flashget For Chrome“. The program FlashGet for chrome 56Kb modem it would ease a little bit for those of us suffered. In the course of that year many things have changed, FlashGet adware(advertising-supported) it turned out to be, we increased the speed of the connection, FlashGet, etc. But the output quality of the new programs was unbroken, and now FlashGet is completely free and adware(advertising-supported) from eMule and BitTorrent networks and now gives support to.
With FlashGet highest number of Internet user in the world, is a leading and fast Download Manager. This program, which allows you to make your downloads the added features, users it seems that they will give up their choice.
Flashget For Chrome Download?
When you start your computer over the Internet to download the file to continue from where you left off features that this free software MHT (multi-server hyper-threading transportation) technique uses it. Many different protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BT, MMS, MMST, RTSP, eMule) the program has very good features, hosting support document management. FlashGet can increase download speed by splitting files 5 times.
The Flashget for Chrome New Version Features:
HTTP,FTP,BT and eMule protocols. The developed technique increases the speed of P4S download. IE6, IE7, IE8, and Firefox
Another nice part of the program, for example, you will download a 10Mb file. You do not need to connect to the computer and wait 3-4 hours. If you check the Close when the finished menu in the Tools menu of FlashGet, it disconnects you from the internet after the file download. In fact, one step forward to download the programs you want to download the CALENDAR. For example, at 22:00, FlashGet activates your Internet connection, downloads the file, and closes the line (Phone) when it’s done.

FlashGet for chrome settings:

  • If you don’t have the latest version of FlashGet first, download it from our program page. After installing, click Turkish in the Language section of the View menu, and then translate the program into Turkish.
  • From the Tools menu, click Default download features. Set where you want FlashGet to download to the storage location. Set the Split file option to ’10’.
  • From the Tools menu, select Options. In the “General” menu in the Inbox, increase the smallest particle size to 10kb. From the Connection menu, increase the Greatest simultaneous job section to
  • You can adjust the download size by selecting the connection type from the bottom section or enter the desired values ​​in the box below. You can select the type of download from the “tools” section on the main menu. If you choose to set it – which is our advice – you can play at any time with the mouse at the bottom of the FlashGet.
  • Remember, large values ​​will slow down your browsing speed. Thus, you should not force too much. If you want to scan the downloaded file for viruses, enable “scan for downloaded file” in the file manager menu, set the application file of your virus scanning program to the scanner section (Example: C: \ Program Files \ Norton AntiVirus \ Navw32.exe for Norton, McAfee) C: \ Program Files \ McAfee \ VirusScan95 \ scan95, args/auto scan / nosplash), so they will.
  • You can also connect to the internet with FlashGet. To do so, change the connection settings in the Dial-Up Networking menu, then click the phone icon in the general menu to start the connection, but there is a flaw. When running Flashget offline, if there are no files to download, the connection to the Internet opens automatically, but the choice is yours.

(Main Window of the Program) Use of the program:

  •  If you want to download a file with FlashGet, right-click and click “Download using FlashGet” at the bottom and it will launch FlashGet. If the download didn’t start, right-click the “copy shortcut” button, and if it doesn’t start , click the FlashGet icon.
  • You have entered a site and everything you like very much. For example, you want to download a few pictures on an image page or download all mp3’s on an mp3 page. Here comes the great ease of FlashGet. Right-click on the page, click “Download all using FlashGet.” Empty the box next to things like banners, pages, icons … that you don’t want to download in the menu that appears. So all them will in order and downloaded.
  • You started the download, but the file did not start to download. 6,9,15 and so on. If there is a problem in the file you downloaded or the link address. The only remedy is to delete the file. You can do this from the X (delete) mark in FlashGet’s menu after you click the file.
  • When you right-click on a file in FlashGet, a menu appears. I don’t need to explain it because the menu is understandable. Let me explain what the bottom “Copy Url to clipboard” does; it stores the address where this file landed. This way you can use copy/paste as you like.
  • e) If you don’t like FlashGet’s square icon on the edge, right-click on the square and click “Drop Zone”. The square will disappear. Finally, if you press F7 on FlashGet, the Site Explorer will appear. You can use this to save all the information on a page.

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