Play YouTube in the background’s mobile app doesn’t run in the background, which is sometimes inconvenient and confines the user. But there is a solution. YouTube has many music videos or content videos that don’t need. When walking on the road or simply controlling your social media, you need to make small tricks for the app to run in the background. There are separate solutions for both Android and iOS. Youtube Play Background.

Play YouTube in the background

The application is much easier to use in the background. Of course, there is more than one way to do this. But first, let’s start with the most obvious. Especially if you can’t assign YouTube to the background, you can use the multi-screen experience of devices like Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. This allows you to split the screen in two, keeping the video on and surfing on social media. Another option for Android users is to use the Chrome app.

When you enter YouTube from the Chrome app, the browser automatically redirects you to the mobile-optimized site. If you click Request desktop site by clicking the three consecutive dots on the top right, you can access YouTube’s desktop view. If you quit Chrome when you start the video here, the video is “paused video. You can restart the video from the control panel and resume music from where you left off. Even if you turn off the screen, you can listen to music.

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Chrome can be used to run YouTube in the background on Android devices. To do this, the YouTube background feature must be activated first. Enter YouTube through Chrome, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and select the “Request Desktop Site” section. Then open the video you want to watch. Then exit with the home button. Open the notification panel at the top of the screen. Continue playing your video by touching the “Play” section from the control panel located here.

On devices using the iOS operating system, YouTube works a little differently in the background. Therefore, you may need to use different applications. To do this, download the Dolphin web browser. Then go to YouTube. Put the Dolphin app in the background and open the iOS Control Center. You can watch your video by clicking Play from the control panel here.

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