What is Windscribe Download?

Windscribe VPN claims to be “more mindful of privacy” than its competitors. The company argues that it continues to erase all your traces three minutes after you log out. You can use 10 GB monthly bandwidth and 11 server locations for free VPN services. They also offer a built-in ad blocker and firewall. To start using the free Windscribe, you need to open an account with a username, password, and optional email (required for 10 GB allocation). More users can upgrade to Windscribe’s unlimited plans to get features. You can get unlimited data and connections from over 50 locations.
Windscribe; It can as an extension for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Chrome, or Firefox. But there is no Android application yet. Windscribe is a VPN program that stands out with its advanced features for free. Free VPN software that allows data usage over 10GB, firewall, ad blocker, track drive blocker, speed control, privacy mode, dual VPN, P2P features such as paid VPNs offer free of charge. I would recommend if you are looking for a fast, advanced and free VPN program.
Windscribe offers 10GB of bandwidth per month, completely free of charge. Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, you can use on any device. With over 100 servers in 60 countries, the VPN program features a firewall, secure hotspot, proxy port (creating a proxy server for your other devices), flexible connectivity (IKEv2, OpenVPN, UDP, TCP or Hidden port); speed control selecting the best location, blocking ads and followers, changing time zone, deleting cookie, changing user agent, creating secure connections), I recommend downloading both desktop application and browser extension.

Windscribe Download Specifications

  • Stop and navigate in secret.
  • Unblock restricted content.
  • Go beyond simple VPN protection.
  • Take your navigation history to your grave.
  • Stop leaking personal information.

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