What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is professional presentation software developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at Forethought, Inc. It was originally released on April 20, 1986, for Macintosh System Software-based computers only. Most people think that the birth of PowerPoint is related to the popularity of the Mac computer. The truth, though, is that this was actually the software behind Mac’s successful market leaders.

This means that all the features you have for your presentation software, including slide view output, slides, transitions, and other features, are based on what is known as PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is the programming language that makes many features of a presentation possible to make it easier to understand.

What’s even more interesting about PowerPoint is that it’s a program that can be used not only for creating slides but also for creating other types of presentations. No matter what you need to do with PowerPoint, you will find many things you can do quickly with this powerful presentation creation software.

PowerPoint Download?

Powerpoint download is a kind of software that can make presentations by using a projector and helps to prepare for projects. Business materials and files prepared for publishing a report or proposing a project with PowerPoint.

How to Install PowerPoint?

The steps to set up PowerPoint as follows:
  • With the help of a computer, log in to “PowerPoint” via the internet. Powerpoint download.
  • Click the ‘Try For Free’ title to install the free version from the main page area displayed by the transaction.
  • If a presentation for the job will from the titles listed with the transaction, “for business” will on the “for home” titles if any project will.
  • With the process, the “Use Turkish” box on the screen.
  • In the new screen area, click on the ‘Download 1-month free version’ title.
  • With this function, the last version file of PowerPoint 2019 in the lower left part of the computer screen.
  • Double click on the file and click on the “next” box in the screen area that appears.
  • The installation steps clicking on the “install” box displayed after the process.
  • At the end of these steps, the PowerPoint file ready for use within the program’s area of ​​the computer.

How to Use PowerPoint?

The steps to use PowerPoint as follows:
  • Clicking on the ‘Start Menu’ located at the bottom left of the computer, you enter the menu.
  • On the “All Programs” tab in the list field displayed.
  • Click on ” Microsoft Office ” in the field displayed by the transaction.
  • The ” PowerPoint ” program file title in the list displayed in the new area.
  • With the process, you can log in to PowerPoint and access the home page ready for use.
  • The preferred project titles can in the text fields displayed on the screen by clicking the “Add” box located above the main page area.
  • After the preparation of the project texts, by clicking on the “design” tab on the iron of the screen, more than one theme with color and ready on the screen.
  • By double-clicking on the name of the preferred theme, the theme as registered to the project.
  • After selecting a theme, the sequential transitions of the project pages clicking on the “slide show” tab at the top of the same page.
  • With these steps, the project using PowerPoint.

How to Remove PowerPoint?

Here are the steps to delete PowerPont:
  • Click on the ‘Start Menu’ tab located on the lower left of the desktop area.
  • Click on the “Control Panel” tab of the listed title fields.
  • The “Programs” tab displayed by the process and the “Uninstall a Program” title on the new screen.
  • All programs in the computer this way. Double click on the “PowerPoint” file in the list and click on the “Remove 2” box that appears on the screen.
  • With these steps, PowerPoint is completely removed from the computer.

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