Riva Tuner Download Windows?

Riva Tuner download windows is a free overclocking and hardware monitoring program for video cards. Popular Riva Tuner for use on NVIDIA graphics cards.

What is Riva Tuner?

The term “Riva Tuner” is a trademark reference to the software application of the same name. What does it mean? It is for a quick overview of RivaTuner’s website. It’s a leading computer hardware manufacturer, including motherboards and related components.

It supports many operating systems. The company has been maintaining its outstanding performance for a long time. It is the fact that it has been operating since 1979.

How to Install the Riva Tuner?

The steps to install RivaTuner are as follows:
  • You can log in to the “Riva” link over the internet.
  • Click on the ‘download’ option on the screen.
  • With the process, the latest version free program file goes down to the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on this file and click on the “run” box on the panel.
  • After the process, click on the boxes titled “advance” and “install” in the windows on the screen.
  • At the end of these stages, the installation of RivaTuner program on the computer.

How to Use Riva Tuner?

The steps followed to use RivaTuner are as follows:
  • Double-click on the RivaTuner program file located on the desktop.
  • Click on the ” Main Menu ” title in the window that opens.
  • In the new panel with the process, click on the “Driver Settings” tab.
  • After this step, “Customize” on the screen.
  • “System Settings” title in the new menu list.
  • After these steps, information about the card is on the screen. It that the overclocking speed against the card information.
  • To activate this feature, click the ‘enable driver-level hardware overclocking’ command on the panel.
  • After the process, a small window opens again. In this field, click on the “Detect Now” command.
  • At the end of these steps, the graphics card overclocks speed—using RivaTuner.

How to Uninstall Riva Tuner?

The steps to remove the RivaTuner are as follows:
  • Click on the ‘Start Menu’ field at the bottom right of the device panel.
  • The “Control Panel” tab from the menu is entered.
  • The “Programs” and “Uninstall a Program” tabs from the panel are displayed on the screen.
  • Right-click on the RivaTuner How among the registered programs listed in the new panel and click the ‘remove’ box on the screen.
  • With these stages, RivaTuner.

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