WinRar program download is a kind of software that enables the compression of any program. The computer make it faster to transfer data, upload it to the internet, or make it ready for sharing. WinRar, which enables us to compress and open files in RAR format, which not only in computers but also in mobile devices. Taking up much space on the hard drive and providing convenience during file transfer.

What is WinRar?

WinRar is a free file archiving tool for Windows developed by Eugene Roshal (Lucid Dreams). It can create and read many archive file formats, including RAR and ZIP. It guides you to search for the files you want. Besides, you can browse product information, technical support data, and licensing terms. It has an easy interface. A one-time fee requires for use with WinRar and a monthly fee for continued access to the software.

The WinRar file format stores file as archives and allow many users to work on the same file. The WinRar file format has been in use for over fifteen years. It is one of the most used file formats on PCs worldwide. It supports both RAR and Zipeg (Zip) archive files.

WinRar Download – How to Install WinRar?

For the installation of WinRar, it is first necessary to visit the official website of the WinRar program. The WinRar installation steps as follows:
  • Open “Winrar” from your computer browser. Click the Download WinRar button on the screen to start the download process by choosing the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the program.
  • After confirming the download tab on the screen, you can start the WinRar installation. By clicking on the window indicating that the discount process is in the corner of the screen.
  • In the setup screen that opens, click on the “proceed” and “install” buttons.
  • After performing these steps, the installation of the WinRar program in the computer results.

How to Use WinRar?

The steps to follow to use WinRar are as follows:
  • With the WinRar program, hover over the file you want to compress and fit the RAR format and right-click.
  • Left-click on the option that says the name of the file next to the “Add to archive” button in the menu that opens.
  • After you approve the window that appears on the screen, the file you selected will into RAR format in a very short time.

How to Uninstall WinRar?

The steps to delete WinRar from the computer are as follows:
  • Click on the “Start” menu of the computer to enter the menu.
  • Click on the title that says “Control Panel” among the titles displayed on the menu.
  • Check the “Programs” tab on the new list screen.
  • Click on the “Uninstall a Program” tab under the programs tab on the screen to display the list of all programs that can on the computer.
  • After selecting the WinRar program on this list, you can click on the “Remove” box and perform the operation.
This is how WinRar is completely removed from computer programs. The program cannot again by deleting WinRar from the computer.

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