What’s The Limit On WhatsApp?

What’s The Limit On WhatsApp? Whatsapp limit on how to send files? Today’s article will address this. Whatsapp recently shared on Twitter that we could use Whatsapp instead of email with a 100 MB file transfer capacity. Whatsapp file transfer limit increased from 16 MB to 100 MB.

Via Whatsapp; You can send files up to 100 MB when sending videos, photos, and files.

Although 100 MB seems to be quite large, it is a big improvement over 16 MB. The modern file sizes that WhatsApp uses are growing, and with more people wanting to send large files such as high-resolution photos or 4K videos, the 100 MB limit may not be enough for some users.

In contrast, Telegram’s 1.5 GB transfer limit is higher than WhatsApp’s 100 MB limit.

How can I send large files on WhatsApp?

Reduce Video File Size on Android
Open a chat with anyone on WhatsApp.

How can I send more than 100mb in WhatsApp?

You can also record a new video using WhatsApp. After you select or record a video, the cutter appears. Drag the two blue sliders to crop. Note: WhatsApp has set the default video size for cropping. You cannot cut parts larger than the original setting from the video.

Tap Send, the video will before sending.

Reduce Video File Size on iPhone

Open Photos on iPhone and tap the video you want to upload to WhatsApp.

Tap the third burger-link menu at the bottom of the screen.

Activate the crop tool by tapping the left or right side of the timeline.

Drag the left or right link to set the start/end time.

To change the original clip, tap OK> Save as New Clip or Cut Original.

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